1. What is The Outdoor Circle?

The Outdoor Circle is a closed community for the hunting and shooting sports industry. We want to enable connections, become faster, stronger and more adaptable in times of change. You can find more information here.


2. Who can create an account?

As this is a closed community you can only register if you work in the industry, either for a company or as a freelancer. We are aiming at any kind of organisation: manufacturers and retailers, media, associations or any other occupation in relation to hunting, shooting sports, outdoor oder security. Every member passes through a registration process and will be checked individually by either the person responsible for the particular organisation or admins from The Outdoor Circle. Access will only be unlocked after a successful verification process.


3. How do I create an account?

During registration you can chose if you work for an organisation or as an individual:

  1. If you work for an organisation please chose the first option, here you can chose your organisation in the top drop-down menu and your role within the organisation in the second drop-drown menu.

    If there is no profile for your organisation yet, please chose the last option in the top drop-down menu to create a new organisation. Then you can enter the name, type of organisation and website as well as your own role.

  2. If you work individually please chose the second option and chose the occupation that most likely describes what you do.


4. I haven't received a registration confirmation or my application has been rejected, what can I do?

If you registered with a new organisation or as an individual and haven't received an answer yet or were rejected you can either send an email to hello@theoutdoorcircle.com or use the chat function on this page.

If you registered with an existing organisation please contact the person in charge within your organisation.

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