Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions by GT Outdoors UG, Költerholz 9, 32479 Hille-Unterlübbe, Germany (“operator”) regulate the terms of use of the www.theoutdoorcircle.com (“website”) by users.

1. Scope of Application

  1. These terms and conditions (“terms”) exclusively deal with the website’s use by the users.
  2. For specific applications, the operator and the users can agree upon additional or different terms. In these cases the operator will state so in a clear and timely fashion before the respective applications use.

2. Account and Registration

  1. The website’s use requires the user to register and create an account. Only one account is permitted per person, the account cannot be transferred to another person. User are not entitled to an account.
  2. User can only register if they are 18 years of age or older.
  3. The website is a closed community for the hunting and shooting sports industry and is therefore solely restricted to industry professionals.
  4. Users are required to use their real name, no pseudonyms or alias may be used.
  5. Registration requires a valid email address. The use of disposable (temporary) email addresses is prohibited. Accounts that are registered under such an email address will be deleted from the system.
  6. Users are required to provide true, current and complete information during the registration process and to keep their information up to date. Users are especially prohibited from posing as another person during the registration process.
  7. When the information provided during registration seems complete and accurate to the provider and the user meets the required terms of service, access to the website will be enabled in accordance with paragraph 5.2. The user will be informed via email. From this moment on the user is eligible to use the website within the framework of these terms for as long as the account is valid. For that purpose the user will have to activate the account by clicking on a link provided in the confirmation email.
  8. Users are required to ensure their account is used by no one else but themselves and are therefore required not to share their login credentials. A transfer to a third party is prohibited. The account user is fully responsible for all of their account’s activities. Should an unauthorized third party gain access to the login credentials the user is required to immediately change the password.

3. Services and Content on the Website

  1. Registered users gain access to the website as well as the available services and functions within the framework of these terms for as long as their account is valid.
  2. On the website the operator provides different communications services as well as additional services for a limited period of time. Such services may include the provision of text, image and audio files, information and other content (summarized as “content” in the following) as well as the provision of platform functionalities, for example enabling user interaction.
  3. The content and scope of these services are determined by the respective functionalities currently available on the website.
  4. The user has no claim to the website’s permanent availability and/or the provision and maintenance respectively of services and functionalities.

4. Responsibilities for Third Party Content

The information available on the website are partially provided by the provider and partially by users or other third parties. Content by users and other third parties will be summarized as “third party content” in the following. The provider does not check third party content for completeness, correctness, legitimateness and currentness. This also applies to the quality of third party content and their suitability for a certain purpose and also in case of third party content on externally linked websites.

5. Creation of User Accounts

  1. Insofar as it is available as a functionality on the website, users can design their user profile to their liking within the framework of these terms. In doing so the limitations found in paragraph 7 need to be taken into special consideration.
  2. As part of the user profile creation process the profile owner’s identity will be checked. Only after a positive identification check as well as a check of eligibility in accordance with paragraph 2 will the profile be activated. The check will be carried out by the operator or an eligible user within the organisation to which the user is applying as a member.

6. Upload of User Content

  1. Insofar as it is available as a functionality on the website, users can upload content to the website within the framework of the terms and thereby make it available to third parties.
  2. With the upload of content the user grants the operator the gratuitous right of use to the respective content for the purpose of providing the website, especially
    1. to save the content on the server used by the operator as well as the content’s publication, especially its public accessibility (e.g. by displaying the content on the website),
    2. to edit and duplicate the content, insofar as it is necessary for the content’s provision and publication.
  3. With regard to ideas, problem solutions and concepts as well as other feedback expressed by the user on the website, the user grants the operator the transferable, non-exclusive right to use these commercially, especially for the development or advancement of products.
  4. Users are fully responsible for their uploaded content. The provider does not check the content for completeness, correctness, legitimateness, currentness, quality and suitability for a certain purpose.
  5. With the upload of content the user declares and ensures that he is the sole owner of all rights to the information or is otherwise entitled (e.g. due to authorization by the rightholder) to upload the content to the website and to grant the right of use and exploitation in accordance with paragraph 6.2.
  6. The operator reserves the right to refuse the upload of content and/or to edit, block or delete content that has already been uploaded without previous announcement, provided that the upload of the content or the uploaded content itself was in violation of these terms or that there is concrete indication that it will lead to a violation of these terms. The operator will, however, take the users legitimate interest into account.

7. Prohibited Activities

  1. Users are prohibited from any activities on resp. in relation to the website that violate current law and/or violate third party rights. The following activities are prohibited in particular:
    1. uploading, distributing, offering and promoting content that violates the Youth Protection Act, privacy laws and/or other laws;
    2. using content that offends, defames, degrades or slanders other users or third parties;
    3. using, providing and distributing content that is burdened with rights of a third party (e.g. brand- and copyrights) without explicit permission of the rightsholder.
  2. Furthermore, independently of possible law violations, users are prohibited from the following while uploading own content and communicating with other users:
    1. distributing of viruses, trojans and other damaging files;
    2. sending spam mail as well as chain letters;
    3. distributing salacious, offensive, sexually oriented, obscene or defamatory content resp. communication as well as such content resp. communication that are promoting resp. supporting racism, hate, physical violence or illicit behavior;
    4. harassing other users e.g. by multiple attempts at personal contact without or against the other users’ reaction as well as promoting resp. supporting such harassment;
    5. prompting other users to disclose their passwords or personal information for commercial or unlawful purposes.

8. Suspension of Accesses

  1. The operator is entitled to temporarily or permanently suspend users’ access to the website in case of concrete evidence that the respective user violates these terms and/or current law. In case of a suspension the operator will take the users legitimate interests into appropriate consideration.
  2. In case of a temporary or permanent suspension the operator will block the user’s access rights and inform the affected user via email.
  3. In case of a temporary suspension the operator will reactivate the user’s access rights after the suspension time is over and inform the user via email. A permanently suspended access will not be reactivated. Permanently suspended users are permanently banned from the website.

9. Termination of Participation

  1. The user is entitled to, without giving reasons, terminate his website membership or delete his account at any given time by informing the operator.
  2. The operator is entitled to discontinue the website at any given time. Indepent of this, the operator is entitled to temporarily or permanently suspend a user from the website in accordance with paragraph 8.
  3. In case of the deletion of an account the operator is entitled to permanently delete any data resulting from the user’s membership.

10. Privacy Protection

Type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data necessary for the registration and use of the website can be found within the privacy policy that can be found here.

11. Liability

The operator is only liable in case of intent or gross negligence. The aforementioned limitation of liability also applies in case of culpability of a vicarious agent as well as the personal liability of the operator’s employees, representatives and organs.

12. Change of Terms

The operator reserves the right to change these terms at any time in the future. If the user doesn’t object to such changes within four weeks of receiving notification these changes are considered as agreed. In case of changes the operator commits to notifying the user of these changes via email and to point out that they are considered to be accepted by the user if not objected to within four weeks of receiving the email.

13. Closing Provisions

  1. Oral side agreements have not been made.
  2. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

Last modified: March 2020 
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