What is The Outdoor Circle?


A Place for Us

With The Outdoor Circle we want to bring the international hunting and shooting sports industry closer together. We believe it is increasingly important to enable closer communication amongst each other - especially now, but in the future as well. In addition, it is important to create a space where we as an industry are amongst ourselves. Our aim is to make our industry faster, stronger and more adaptable in times of change.


Press Releases, Events, Jobs and more

In the beginning we will focus on information exchange that has been limited due to COVID-19 – or maybe even became necessary because of it. For example, you can share your press releases regarding COVID-19 or current product innovations that you had planned to present during the fairs that were postponed.

Besides press releases, going forward we will also ensure events, job postings and other news will be circulated faster and easier.


Manufacturers, Retailers, Media and more

The Outdoor Circle is a place that brings together all industry players – be it manufacturers, retailers, distributors, magazines, online portals, innovators, developers, consultants, journalists or freelancers. What drives us is to create fast and simple connections and make sure they grow even stronger.

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